Terms and Conditions

When you invest with Sprouts we take your money and purchase cryptocurrency with it.

The cryptocurrency purchase with your money is tracked and will be held securely till you want to either cash out your investment or have your cryptocurrencies sent to a designated wallet.

With your initial investment in Sprouts, Sprouts will take 5% of your investment.

For example, if you invest $100 a month, $5 will go to Sprouts and $95 will go towards buying your cryptocurrencies.

Your cryptocurrency will be held securely by Sprouts Investments and you will be able to cash out your investment after 6 months of your deposit date, or Sprouts will send your cryptocurrencies to a wallet of your choice after you pass an exit test that ensures you understand how to work a crypto wallet. (This is so you don't lose your money during the transfer... don't hate us it's only to protect your money!)

After 6 months we're confident that your investment will grow but remember to always invest at your own risk. Sprouts Investments is not a licensed financial advisor and any investment made with Sprouts is done knowing you have the risk of losing all your money.

The crypto currencies Sprouts will be purchasing for you will be listed on the checkout page of Sprouts website. Sprouts suggest you do your own research on these cryptos before you invest so you're comfortable with the cryptocurrencies we will be buying for you.

All investments are made at your own risk and Sprouts reserves the right to change the Terms & Conditions at anytime, for any reason Sprouts deems necessary!


The information contained in this web site, and its associated web sites, including but not limited to Sprouts Investments, IMR, and the Sprouts Blog is provided as a service to people looking to invest in Crypto Currency.

We try to provide quality information, but we make no claims, promises or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the information contained in or linked to this web site and its associated sites.

As investments are dependent on many circumstances, and Cryptocurrency is constantly changing, nothing provided herein should be used as a substitute for your own research.

Investing is always a risk, and although we are very confident in our Crypto skills, we are not liable for the loss of your money.

Crytpocurrency investing and investing with Sprouts is done at the participants risk, and any associate, or company working with Sprouts Investments is NOT liable for negative outcomes. By investing with Sprouts you understand that you could lose your money and release Sprouts from any and all liability.

That being said, we are very good at what we do and believe we will help your money grow... But trolls are trolls, so we must cover our own ass! (We're sure you understand.)

* Again, Investing Is Risky. Invest With Sprouts At Your Own Risk *